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Home Textiles have been a mainstay in homes for centuries; in fact, it began with our first ancestors. When hunting animals, hides were kept for clothing and comfort, bringing life to textiles. As time went on textiles have evolved from being just a clothing necessity to a valued and highly sought-after part of the home. Home Textiles play a large role in the interior design of a home. Home textiles range from home textile furnishing, home textile blankets, home textile throw pillows, and much more. Home textiles alone can create the “mood” of a room. For cooler tones, the look is completed with fabrics and home textile furnishings that are made of leather, creating a milieu that is calming and subdued. When a room is decorated in a plethora of home textiles; for example, several pillows on a couch or throw blankets scattered around the room, then the environment becomes inviting and comforting. The right home textiles can create drastic changes to a room with little effort. An accent couch with an amazing home textile fabric is the showpiece of the room. A whole new look or mood can be inspired simply by mix-matching textures of home textiles, or with colorful curtains. And, because it’s so easy to create that new look, you can utilize home textiles for your next great idea. Home textiles were one of the first ways that our ancestors decorated their homes and themselves. Today, with the increase and variety of home textiles, home textiles are even more relevant in creating a space that reflects your lifestyle and personality.